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Hello my darlings. Sookie/Peter mun here aka Christina <3 I just wanted to thank each and every single one of you for giving me such a great time here at Wayward Orphans. I have been inspired and have become a better writer because of all of you. I’ll terribly miss writing with you all but you know where you can find me. I always have my AIM turned on and if you have an indie, hit me up there. I love you <333

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"I’m sure you didn’t." Pam’s voice sweetly sarcastic as she rose from the muddy grass. Lovely. "You just tripped on a unicorn and accidentally zapped me with your rainbow lasers or whatever you call that.” Her fake smile dramatically fading from her rouge-red painted lips. "I am so done with ruining perfectly good pairs of shoes on you Sookie Stackhouse. It’s not like I can run down to Bloomingdale’s and get new one’s you know." With a heavy sigh, she dusted the loose grass from her very pants.

Pam. Out of all of the people she could blast, she never thought it would be the blonde vampire standing before her now. Sookie had forgotten that despite their differences and hostility she had actually missed her. Maybe it wasn’t just Pam, but someone she knew from Louisiana, someone she thought she had lost. A small smile formed on her lips and she started approaching her, hands fallen by her sides now. “I’m sorry,” she said again in an amused tone. “Well that’ll hopefully be the last pair. Besides, I think you could work the whole sneakers or combat boots look.”

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   ”Ugh,” Bonnie groaned, massaging her temples as she slowly rose to her feet. “What the hell was that? What did you just do to me?” the other female questioned, her tone laced with confusion.


"I am so sorry!" Sookie’s light stopped glowing from her hands, returning to regular paled skin as she ran over to the woman’s side to see if she was okay or not. She knew last time she had almost given Jason a concussion. "I’m not exactly new at my ability but yeah, sometimes it gets away from me."

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"Oh my God, I’m so sorry!" Sookie hadn’t meant to use her fay light on anyone, but she had been practicing what she could do with her light when someone had inadvertently snuck up on her.

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When needs must || Frankie & Sookie


Hearing Sookies voice, Frankie turned around and gave her a smile. “Morning…How did you sleep?” She made her a drink, using her preferences from last night and held out the mug.  It was still pretty cold in the room and had never really been fully warm but at least it held off the weather outside. “I wrapped the things in a cloth for you..you know, what I gave you last night…biscuits…coffee…tea, so it’s all ready for you. There’s no rush to get off, you are welcome to stay as long as you want. I just figured you would be wanting to make tracks soon” Frankie placed the cloth which was tied at the top to form a makeshift bag, at the side of the other blonde and went to pick up her own drink.

"I will probably head out with you, but go in the opposite direction, I have a few things to look for" Frankie didn’t have anything specific but it was something she had always done since setting herself up there. Besides, it was always best to go looking for things before you actually need them and are desperate.

There was a pause in her actions for a moment as she thought. “I forgot what day it was then..I know it seems irrelevant in this world any more..but I do like to try and remember” She shook her head and smiled. 

Sookie sat up straighter now and shook her head from side to side, trying to get read of the messy bedhead she wore. “I slept pretty good actually.” She admitted, thinking she’d have one of the worst sleeps in a while but it wasn’t actually. She looked at the cloth wrapped around her goods and smiled genuinely, reaching out to take them and set them with her bag, which was somewhere around her. She tucked them inside and looked up at Frankie. “Thanks. I really appreciate this.”

She took the cup and sipped from it, the warm liquid sliding down her throat pleasantly. Sookie rested her elbows on her knees and looked up at Frankie. She hated the fact that they were going to go separate ways. It wasn’t like they were best friends or meant much to each other, not really, but still. “Do you really like being alone out here?” She just came out and asked her. Her teeth sunk into the soft flesh of her lip, tearing at the skin.

She managed a small laugh. “I don’t even know what day it is,” she admitted. It was easy to forget now. People didn’t care much to remember. Not even the time really, although she liked knowing it. Some people wore watches still, too,

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When needs must || Frankie & Sookie


Frankie noticed how Sookie suddenly cut off from what she was saying but she really didn’t think much of it at all. Sometimes there were situations which had occurred that you would rather not talk about to others, so Frankie just thought it was one of those.

“What happened to him? Why aren’t you with him anymore?”

Frankie inhaled deeply and exhaled slowly, trying not to give off an apprehensive air about her as she answered Sookie’s question. “He knew about all the protection stuff..devils traps and shit, you heard of them, right? He taught me alot of stuff when he didn’t have to because I admit, I was a bit of a punkass when me and him first met.  It just wasn’t something which came naturally to me—I mean— I can pick up about the workings of a car or anything with electronics like teaching a kid the alphabet, but certain stuff he tried to teach me didn’t sink in. I eventually learnt to do a devils trap and this demon who had been tracking Samuel for some artefact he had, came by one day..and…” Frankie paused for a brief moment while she gathered her thoughts. She didn’t really want to mention how she still possessed the artefact, the Father had made her flee with it to keep it safe and herself too. “….well he had him contained in the trap. Things went wrong, the demon was stronger than he had accounted for…I don’t really know what happened. He made me  promise I would leave—I don’t break promises…he knew that. I heard him scream..” Frankie gave a shrug, it wasn’t a dismissive one, she just didn’t have the words to continue. Father Samuel Carlton was dead and the less detail she said about exactly how, the better it was for Frankie’s emotional state. When she stated ‘things went wrong’ what she really meant was, she’d accidently broken the pentagram circle. She should have taken more care and it was something she would have to live with.


Sookies words rolled around in her mind about happiness. Was it all it was cracked up to be? Was it better to not miss something you have never had..or get hurt by having it then losing it? Frankie wasn’t exactly experienced in those matters so while she came up with what seemed like one hundred and one questions, she must have fell into a light sleep.

There were three or four times she had checked on things in the night, not knowing if Sookie was asleep or not, but not wanting to disturb her either way. Yet as the morning came and the moon started to end its shift, the generator was humming as it powered the small stove for boiling water and Frankie was making a drink, knowing Sookie would more than likely be needing to leave soon. 

Quiet sounds around the room had helped Sookie sleep, as dead silence was all too eerie for her. When the morning sun came to bring the day, Sookie had slept through it and only woke just an hour afterwards. Though her body was waking up, her eyes stayed shut and for moments she just laid still. If it was a regular day she would have turned over and snuggled in with the covers to catch just a few more hours. But as sleep wore off, Sookie remembered that she wasn’t in her own place, but staying with Frankie, who she had met last night.

Sookie rolled over to see the other blonde woman futzing over the stove. She reached up to rest the back of her hand over her forehead and said in a groggy voice, “Morning…” She managed a sleepy smile. 

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Damon listened to her voice a small content sigh leaving his lips as she nuzzled his neck and ran her fingers down his back. Eyes closing slightly as he relaxed against her touch. “I know…don’t leave again. Don’t let me push you away…or…or make you leave. You are the best thing to ever happen to me. I love you Sook…I…I never want to live my life without you. Those few weeks…months…showed me that I…I can’t live without you…I’ll lose myself.” 


"You’re not. You want." Sookie assured her and held him closer to her if that were possible. She would never leave him as long as she lived. This connection they had, it was like nothing she had ever felt before. Soul mates. "I love you, too, and I’ll always be here."

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I Only Have Two Hands // Open

Her throat was burning from the cold but she managed to let out a scream as she bashed in the head of a Croat with the butt of her shotgun. Repeatedly. She had been out, not too far from camp, after she had heard that there were humans not too far from here who might have possibly needed help. A child was even among them. Sookie held a soft spot there and volunteered to help look. Only she had gotten separated from the herd when a group of Croats sprung up on them and attacked.

Now here was was fighting alone, two already dead on the forest floor beside her, and blood spraying on her as she killed the third - and hopefully last - one. When the body went motionless, she stopped abruptly, looking down at the thing. She wondered if this was one of the humans that had been spotted. Hopefully not. Hopefully they were still ago. Sookie let out heavy pants, worked up from the running and fighting, nearly getting bitten by that thing. She needed to regroup soon.

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"Winter In My Heart" by Vast

I can’t find . All the pieces of my broken life. I need a summer but the summers come and gone. I need a summer like a winter in my heart.

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I Count My Sins // Derek & Sookie


It was funny, how people change and how they act. Derek talked like he only cared for himself, like he’d risk himself for noone but Stiles, but he’d blindly rushed in to danger for a bunch of teenagers he barely knew in the past. He’d risked his life for his pack on so many occasions and let monsters go free to save a boy that probably hated him. He wasn’t the lone wolf he made himself out to be, but he didn’t want to live up to peoples expectations and letting them all know he wouldn’t give a rats ass about them dying not only covered his own ass, but theirs too.

It meant he didn’t have to get close to people, it meant they couldn’t be used against him and it meant when people were in trouble and he couldn’t help, he had the perfect excuse to try and convince himself not to feel guilty. People didn’t like wolves anyway, so what difference did it make if they thought he was an asshole? It would serve him well simply for the fact he didn’t particularly like talking to people, and noone wanted to talk to the guy who didn’t trust and didn’t care.

"But you don’t?" He looked to her, it was a bit of an intrusive question but as a response Derek just shrugged “Never known anything else. Thought about it though.” he said, remembering Paige, and even Kate, how he’d longed to be normal just to fit in with them, but at the same time, maybe they wouldn’t of wanted him if he was human, without the animal magnetism, the athletic build and the skills and confidence that came with being a wolf, he’d of been a completely different person, he might of ended up being the Stiles of his class. It was a passing thought before he gave her a small smirk "And from what I’ve seen, humans have miserable lives just like the rest of us, least I can protect what I care about."

When she rambled about the Werewolves back where she came from he snorted a bit of a laugh "Inbred’s!" he huffed and shrugged it off as she called after him. "It’s fine. I guess every species has it’s garbage." he said bluntly, though he wasn’t talking about her even if it came out that way as he turned to carry on walking. He didn’t need her apologies, not really, it wasn’t the fact she’d insulted wolves, but more the fact she’d compared them to vampires that rubbed his fur the wrong way.

Listening was something the wolf was good at, simply because he was used to Stiles chattering in his ear, but this time, he was actually paying attention as she spoke about her Vampire, Damon. A smirk crossed his lips as she said they clashed, thinking of him and Stiles when they first met and how stubborn they both were "Sounds familiar." he chuckled a little. Turning to her as she said it had been almost a year "And now you’re here and he’s… out there." he said with a shrug "We better go find him then." he winked and started walking.

"Stiles hated me when we first met, the feeling was mutual, he was an annoying talkative child that threw tantrums when he didn’t get his way." he said with a smirk "I felt that way until recently, something.. or someone, drew my attention to the fact I liked him." he shrugged lightly. 


"Turns out he’d liked me all along… now we’re together, and my crazy ex wants us both dead." he chuckled and glanced to Sookie "I have a tendency to date psychopaths, hence the lack of trust."

"Yeah…that’s true…" She mumbled to herself. Sure Sookie could complain until she was blue in the face about the problems and woes about being a faerie - the mind reading that gave her migraines, always being vampire crack and having to watch herself before she was drained alive like some kind of milkshake. It always felt like she was in trouble and she blamed being a faerie for that. But maybe Sookie wasn’t the only one miserable.

Humans had it just as bad. Tara was a prime example of that. Her best friend had it hard since she was a little girl, abandoned by her father and raised by an alcoholic mother who thought Jesus was the answer and reason to every little thing in her life. She always used God as an excuse. Not only that, but Tara had it hard from people and even from the supernatural itself growing up. The Franklin fiasco nearly broke her. In fact hit had, but her best friend was one of the strongest women Sookie knew and she had pulled through.

"You and Stiles not get along either?" Sookie smirked up at him and then shook her head at the thought of Damon alone. "I just want to find him before anything happens." For all she knew the camp had wrecked him and he had turned off his humanity to fight. They had talked about that before - his worry that he would turn it off and there was nothing she could do to bring him back. Dammit this stubborn fay would try though. Sookie laughed and said, "I hated Eric, too, when I first met him. He was a prideful asshole whose smile I just wanted to slap off of his face, but I fell for him anyways after denying my feelings for him for so long."

"I get that - dating psychos, I mean. My first boyfriend wasn’t who I thought he was. Again, he was a vampire…"…three’s a pattern…"And we met under false pretenses. Bill did anything he wanted to get what he wanted. Lied to me up and down, lied to cover the truth, lied to cover her lies…it was a mess."

That made sense - Derek’s lack of trust, as he said. He’d been turned on in the past by an ex and that broke him, so she thought. It had broken her. Sookie had been so trusting and easy in the past that anyone who gave her a second look was right in her book. But after being with Bill and having her heart utterly broken, she learned that trust was definitely something was earned. “I know what you mean,” she told him. “Now that sounds familiar.”

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Winter In My Heart // Jessica & Sookie

Gun? Check. Hiking boots? Check. Gloves because it was so cold outside that she already felt a bit numb? Check. After the camp’s attack all of those months ago, you could say that the faerie had changed a bit. She had been cooped up in the security of the camp for so long that she had forgotten what it was like out there in the real world. It was like Bon Temps times a hundred. Instead of just vampires and lurking werewolves prowling about, there was a hell of a lot more things out there than she could wrap her tiny finger around. Besides, Sookie wasn’t the type of woman to stay behind and don’t do anything even if she wasn’t asked. She was a stubborn fay who went head on into danger if it meant offering her help to anyone and everyone.

While she had been in the mess hall that morning eating breakfast, she had heard some chatter about one of the women’s husbands going out into the woods to check on an animal trap when he swore he was being watched. Sookie downed her biscuit and coffee and decided she’d check it out. Besides, it could have been nothing at all. Then again was it ever? After getting an okay that it was alright to go out to investigate - also she might have said she wanted fresh air - Sookie began her trek into the woods in the direction where the man said he had been watched.

After a good half our in the woods, Sookie let out a long sigh, seeing her breath like a cloud in front of her. These freezing temperatures were ridiculous. Even if someone was out here, they couldn’t stand it for that long. She doubted Derek, being a warm blooded wolf, could even bear the cold. She was turning to head back to camp, feeling silly for stalking out here, when she felt something. A weird sort of presence. It was like when Bill had walked into Merlotte’s for the first time and she just knew. Vampire?

"Who’s out there?" Sookie called out, not wanting to play any games.

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"What happened?"  Sam just pushed up from the floor then, tossing the cloth to one side to be cleaned and dumped later, moving to perch on the end of the bed, looking down at his friend — one hand raking back through his hair as he wondered where to start…

"Y’know, at times like these, I kinda wish you could read my mind, it’d be easier.”  A small grin, because then he wouldn’t have to try to explain.


"I don’t know how much you know — but Eric’ turned into some kind of living torch, I keep going blind, Hanna’s cracked up about two years in age… Dean was jumped by an angel — like, literally, the whole ‘vessel’ gig, but it wasn’t Michael.  Weird things are happening to people, and there’s no explanation… or, at least… There hasn’t been.  I think though, now we have a bit of a lead… Sooo… Yeah… If anything freaky — or, at least… ‘Freakier’ happens, you need to give me a heads up… Something called Aethyrs apparently… More celestial bullshit…"

"Eh, still hunting monsters — just happen to be one too."  A small chuckle at that, "Nice slice of irony, but there y’go."

"I dunno about wheat and honey… I think… From what I remember anyway, more like ice cream — strawberry ripple… Times about a thousand… I dunno?  Maybe you smell different to everyone?"

Sookie was speechless after Sam explained to her everything that had happened between the time the camp was attacked and her return. She didn’t know which subject to be more stumped over. Hanna’s sudden spring in age, Dean being possessed, or these Aethyr thingies. She just shook her head and said, “Wow….that’s…yeah, that’s a hell of a lot more than I was expecting. Dean though, is he okay?” Her eyes were worried about her friend, hating that he had been possessed by an angel. Sam had explained to her about the Michael vs. Lucifer possession that had happened to them long ago and it didn’t sound pretty at all.

"Aethyrs though, what do you know about them?" Sookie bit on her lip as she thought about what little he had said about them. She frowned and said, "You think that’s the reason for most of the ‘freaky’ things that have happened here? Like when we all changed from male to female and human to vampire - that kind of thing?" It was the best possibility she could think of and if anyone had answers, it would have been Sam.

"Ice-cream huh?" Sookie found herself grinning ear to ear at that. Well at least it wasn’t anything weird, which she had hardly expected considering she smelled so great to everything. Made her wonder what she smelled like exactly to Damon. "Nice to know I smell tasty…er…or maybe not so much. But thank you for keeping your urges under check, Sam."

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Sam just gave a small not at the thanks, because it really had boiled down to that.  Just ‘get out’.  Save as many as possible if you could and run.  There was no way they could have faced the overwhelming numbers that suddenly appeared out of nowhere.  There was no warning, just a horde of Hell’s finest clamouring through their midst.  It was the only thing to do… And there was no shame in it.  Standing up and fighting a battle was one thing.  Blatant suicide in the face of unbeatable odds was another.

"He was… He was good.  Worried, but when I talked to him, he pretty much had it together.  And maybe he thought about it, but at the end of the day, he didn’t.  So that’s gotta say something, right?"

Sam really didn’t know Damon that well, but he’d always been good to him, and at least patient with the younger Winchester’s questions, forever curious about the differences and similarities between them.  Plus, he was Eric’s friend and Sookie adored him, so really there wasn’t much not to like about the guy.

"Something like that, yeah."  Another flash of a grin then and a chuckle, shooting a quick glance over to Hanna who was happily trying to dismember one of her teddy bears.  "Then again, ‘normal’ is pretty much relative these days.  And from what I know about your life before — all this…"  One hand waved vaguely, "It wasn’t that normal back then either.”

"No?  I gotta admit I’m surprised.  He’s obviously got more willpower than I have… Or had, at least.  Because — and no offence — but you do kinda smell like the vampire equivalent of a smorgasbord.  Uh, probably not what you want to hear, but s’true.  Never smelled anyone like you before.  And I have to admit, that first time we met… Wasn’t such a shining moment.  So, yeah, sorry.”


Sookie smiled slightly and told him, “He said he wouldn’t give up on me for the sake of survival. So I guess in a way that is saying something.” Her smile brightened somewhat, though she hated the way that Damon felt during her absence. She looked up at Sam and asked, “How did you, Eric, and Hanna make out though? I mean, what all happened to ya’ll while I was gone?” Notably Hanna’s growth spurt…

She laughed at what he said. “No it was most definitely not.” Normal was pretty rare back home. Even when she was a child she didn’t have a sense of normalcy. It came and went in fleeting moments. Having a job, friends, dating…she had to look at that as normal. Even if her friends started changing from humans to vampires and her boyfriends were a bit fangy. “But you’re one to talk. You grew up hunting monsters.” She teased him.

"Eric once said that I smelled like wheat and honey." Sookie said. "So trust me - I’m sure whatever that you and every other vampire say about my scent isn’t going to offend me." She laughed and shook her head. It wasn’t easy being vampire crack and most of the time some vampires were controlled enough to relax around her and resist any urges. Sam hadn’t exactly been that controlled when they first met but that was all water under the bridge now.

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The vampire sighed a bit listening to what was being said and nodding along and agreeing with Sookie. It wasn’t that he understood it wasn’t his fault or anything but more so for the sake of agreeing and not wanting some stupid thing from the past to ruin this moment that they had. “I know.” He mumbled pulling his eyes away from the chocolate brown that he loved to just stare into be it any other time. He was still ashamed with the fact that he could not find her, that he, no matter what happened, could not track down the woman he loved. 

"But I was so close." He mumbled, "I was so close to just throwing it all away…and the worst part is I didn’t even know if you were alive or not. You just weren’t with me and it was driving me mad. I was worried, I was angry…I was depressed…emotions that I shouldn’t…I don’t deal with." He leaned into her touch his eyes stubbornly straying back to her face. "I know…but…I would never give you up for the sake of survival." He closed his eyes a bit just leaning his head on her shoulder breathing in her scent. 


"I’m so sorry that you had to go through all of that." Sookie told him, nuzzling his neck as she pulled him closer. She wanted to convey through her embrace how sorry she was but that she was here now and wasn’t going anywhere. She drew her fingers up and down his back slowly and sensually. "I’m here…I promise…"

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